EU calls on China to help end Ukraine conflict

STORY: "Ukraine is a crime scene and the perpetrator is sitting in this very room," Michel said.

"And I would like to particularly speak to the esteemed Chinese representative. You have warned Russia against the use of nuclear weapons, and we welcome this. And now, we are asking you. Let's go further. Let's join forces to persuade Russia to end this criminal war that's hurting so many. Let's join forces to convince Russia to respect the principles of the U.N. charter," he added.

China has abstained from votes by the 193-member General Assembly that overwhelmingly demanded Moscow withdraw its troops from Ukraine and stop fighting. Russia invaded its neighbor in February 2022.

China's abstentions appear to reflect a bid to stay on the diplomatic fence over the war in Ukraine. Beijing has said the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected, but - in a nod to Russia's unease about NATO - believes all security concerns should be addressed.