Ethereum Based Venture Cajutel Licensed to Become the Next AT&T of West Africa

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2019 / Internet in West Africa is extremely slow, expensive, and very unreliable due to the poor infrastructure and frequent power cuts in the region. However, there are only two mobile operators in this region, both of whom focus almost exclusively on voice communication but not 3G or 4G data transmission. The only reason these carriers provide internet is that they are required by law to do so. On the top of all, there is zero incentive for them to make it fast enough to use and cheap enough to afford.

To provide high speed, reliable and cheap internet to the underserved community in Africa, a new telecom start-up, dubbed "Cajutel Sarl" have emerged. Despite the raging odds of the regional conditions in West Africa, Guinea-Bissau, based Cajutel Sarl telecom startup has recently attained its telecom license to operate as an internet service provider in the West African nation. This implies that they can start working on their project to provide high speed, reliable and cheap internet to the underserved community in Africa. Cajutel used Ethereum's blockchain and created digital shares of their company.

Moreover, this startup has been proudly awarded "Tier 1 ISP Data Services License for Sierra Leone" which was first announced by the founder and CEO of Cajutel via Twitter on June 28.

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Cajutel to Bring New Revolution in West Africa To Attempt Internet Crisis

West Africa is looking for a telecom revolution breaking the odds of centralized monopoly, looking for a more decentralized unit to look after the country's growing need of high-speed internet and to satisfy the needs Ethereum based telecom venture, Cajutel set to become the AT&T of Africa, breaking the stereotypes a decentralized AT&T.

Sierra Leone is a country with a population of 7.5 million, and that ranks closer to the bottom in world rankings of literacy, GDP per capita, and Human Development Index.

Sierra Leone currently has very unreliable and expensive internet, on average a person spends $99 per month for 5mbps internet. With the internet being so expensive, and the poor coverage of the country by telecom operators makes it difficult for users to use the internet and as more users joining the network will affect networks quality. Only less than 13% of the population is currently connected to the internet. Cajutel hopes to empower this nation by providing cheap, reliable and high-speed internet service which would enhance the nation's education system and increase the GDP per capita.

How Is Cajutel Bringing Ultimate Solution to the Crisis?

Since there is no sustainable infrastructure that can be built upon or improved in the country and its neighboring regions, Cajutel will have to build everything from scratch which includes fiber wires and underground connections, etc from ground level. It has resorted to providing power to its systems through solar-panels as the local power is highly unreliable. Although this may increase the cost, it provides Cajutel complete autonomy of its resources.

Cajutel's CEO, Andreas Fink, already has more than two decades experience in the telecom sector and aspires to scale the project from Sierra Leone to other neighboring countries. With very low competition from local vendors, Cajutel can definitely establish itself as a telecom giant since it will start from ground-up, meaning it will own all its infrastructure and not have to depend on other service-providers, thereby making it immensely reliable and highly autonomous.

Elaborating on how Cajutel is the only solution, Fink has stated: "In our case, we are using the Etherum's ERC20 protocol in a more traditional way, which means that we are raising funds against the shares of the company, because at the end of the day you will have investors who put money down and expecting a return, they want to participate in your revenue which you are giving up."

Cajutel's Native Token CAJ - A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Cajutel has the potential to transform Africa's telecom landscape, especially through strategic partnerships with other telecoms, computer vendors; kiosks just to name a few. Investors have a chance to participate in a truly revolutionary idea. The company has embraced the Ethereum's Blockchain methodology of raising capital, in other to open up opportunities for investment to smaller investors.

According to the project's whitepaper, Cajutel has its own native token, named, CAJ which is witnessed as one of the lucrative investment opportunities. The business plan projected under CAJ's whitepaper, the token is believed to be profitable and holders of token will be subjected for a dividend, the profit for a holder is projected to reach up to $824. In order, while contributors have the possibility to receive a high return on investment if the project succeeds and the newly issued digital token increases in value.

At the time of reporting, the current price of CAJ on Coinmarketcap was around $15.

Cajutel is one such project with a very active community in the telegram, and the CEO itself actively participate in answering investors queries, by far the project has been performing well, and with the license, the project is expected to reach a wider audience, Cajutel is currently listed on Idex and Mercatox exchange.


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