Essex, Franklin county election results are in

Nov. 9—ELIZABETHTOWN — The only countywide race in Essex County saw Republican and Conservative party candidate Chelsea Merrihew win the Essex County clerk post with 4,559 votes, against New Visions Party candidate Stephanie DeZalia with 2,985 votes.

Merrihew is the acting county clerk now, appointed after longtime county clerk Joseph Provoncha resigned last year.

All results are unofficial and absentee ballot votes may change results of close races when they're added in the recanvass later this month.

In Essex County contested town races:


For town supervisor, Democratic Party candidate Cathleen Reusser-Bradley won with 212 votes, versus Republican incumbent Noel Merrihew III at 184 votes.

Public Works superintendent went to Republican Jack Pulsifer with 251 votes, against 116 for independent candidate Michael Drew.


Honesty for Wilmington candidate Favor Smith won the Wilmington town supervisor race with 318 votes over Democratic candidate Timothy Follos with 300 votes.


For two seats on Town Council, Republican David LaBar had 128, Republican Scott Fish, 98, and independent Danae Tucker, 93.


For town supervisor, Republican incumbent Mark Wright defeated independent challenger Frank Sheldon, 810 votes to Sheldon's 219.

For two Ticonderoga Town Council seats, Democratic Councilman Tom Cunningham lost to Republican Heath Towne, with Towne getting 571 votes to Cunningham's 490. Incumbent Republican Clifton Thatcher received 670 votes to get the second seat.


Republican town supervisor candidate Chris Clark got 111 votes, against Conscience Party candidate Cassandra D'Agostino at 61 votes.

Two posts were open for town assessor, and Republican Michael A. Marsden got 94 votes, independent candidate Tracee Parent, 66 votes, and Republican Maureen M. Marsden, 104 votes.

For the Superintendent of Highways job, Republican Eric Caza had 112 votes for the win, while independent candidate Emmett L. Thompson had 56 votes.


For two seats on Town Council, Democrat and independent Chris Daly, 290 votes, and Democrat and independent Ann Hough, 258, won against Republican and independent Ryan Hall, 219, and Republican and independent Kimberly Smith, 183.


For Town Council, Republican and independent Mary Lamphear had 150, Republican Paul LaCourse, 105, to narrowly defeat independent David Olbert, 104.


For two seats on Town Council, Democrat and independent Emily Kilburn-Politi got 914, and Republican and independent Richard Cummings had 669, to win over Democrat Fred Balzac, 574 and Republican and independent Andy Borden with 397.


For two seats on Town Council, Republican Barry Morrison had 274, and Democrat and independent Michael Fergot, 291, over Democrat and independent Joan Lily with 252 and Republican Taylor Atwell with 244.

For an unexpired council term, Republican and independent candidate Eric Westover got 273 to win over Democrat and independent Jennifer Williams at 271.


For two posts on Town Council, independent candidate Laura Dreissigacker had 334, and Republican and and independent candidate Darin Forbes got 285, to win against independent candidate Michelle Preston at 278 and independent Forest Winch with 257.

In Franklin County contested town races:


For town supervisor, Conservative Party candidate Chad Niles won with 400 votes, over Democrat-Republican candidate Dawna Langdon at 262 votes.

For two Town Council posts, Democrat-Republican Justin Robinson had 426 votes and Democrat Adam Deuyour, 373, over Republican-Conservative Darrin Jock with 355.


For town supervisor, Democrat Ernest Witkowski won at 155 votes, over Republican Michelle Brockway with 118.

For two Town Council slots, Democrat Clara Hartson got 198 votes and Republican Tim Baker, 165, against Republican Daniel Doman with 129.


For two Town Council seats, Democrat Sarah Devlin had 120 votes, and Democrat Michael Kelley, 130, to win against independent Jenelle Niles at 64.


For two Town Council seats, Republican and independent Brett Durant had 127 votes and Democrat Sean Barnes, 87, to defeat Democrat David Leonard at 52.


For mayor, incumbent Republican and independent candidate Andrea Dumas won with 571 votes, over challenger Democrat Mary Scharf with 340 votes.

For two seats on Village Board, Republican Archie McKee had 506 votes and Democrat Brian Langdon, 471, to overtake Republican Mike Manley at 424 and Democrat Boyce Sherman with 301.