Escrow account woes: Autumn Ridge tenant faces eviction

Escrow account woes: Autumn Ridge tenant faces eviction

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Imagine being told to pay up or move out within seven days, while the landlord and city battle over proper licensing; according to one woman, it’s now her reality.

One woman who lives in the Autumn Ridge Apartment Complex in Lansing said she was served an eviction notice for owing rent, but claims officials have it all wrong.

The woman who did not want to be named, explained it was all being put in escrow while her building was ‘pink tagged’ for lack of compliance with the city.

On the tag from the city, it said that tenants may pay rent into an escrow account. So, that’s what she did. Now, she’s being told that she has to pay up to the complex or be forced out within a week.

“This morning, I got a knock on my door, someone served me with paperwork that they are taking me to court now and are threatening eviction and they’ve also charged me 400 something dollars in late fees even though I’ve been paying into the escrow account. So, basically, now I’m just waiting to find out what’s going to happen,” the woman said.

She added that she’s now worried and scrambling for answers.

“So, I don’t know what to do because. So, I followed the instructions from the city on that pink tag that they put up it says you can pay rent into an escrow account. So, now I don’t know what to do, do I pay the rent within the seven days or do I try to find somewhere else to go within the next seven days,” she wondered.

6 News reached out to Lansing officials who said they can’t comment on any matter regarding Autumn Ridge due to an ongoing lawsuit with the owners of the complex.

However, the city did confirm that any apartment complex cannot legally evict someone for paying their rent into escrow.

They also released a statement on where to go for home if you need legal resources.

“There are legal resources available to them by calling Legal Services of South Central Michigan at 888-783-8190 or visit,” City Spokesperson Scott Bean said.

6 News also reached out to the owners of the complex and their lawyer for comment and has not heard back.

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