Escaped zebra captured after nearly a week on the lam

A zebra’s almost week-long Washingtonian adventure came to an end on Friday, when the animal was recaptured after escaping from a trailer on the highway, according to local authorities.

The zebra was one of four that escaped on April 28 from a trailer near North Bend in Washington state, Regional Animal Services of King County said in a media release. While the other three zebras were captured within a few hours, a mare remained on the loose.

The mare “was safely rescued on Friday evening in the Riverbend neighborhood after being on the run for nearly six days,” animal services said.

The zebra, named Shug, will be transported to Anaconda, Montana, which is where the trailer was headed before their escape, the release says.

Shug’s owner reportedly had stopped just off Interstate 90 in the North Bend area to fix an issue with the trailer when the animals escaped, animal services said.

Shug spent her time on the loose roaming “in the foothills of the Cascades for days, occasionally being spotted by residents and causing an international sensation,” the department said.

The zebra appeared to be in good condition following her rescue on Friday.

As part of the effort to recover the zebra, Kings County Department of Natural Resources and Parks closed “key access points along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail near Boxley Creek Natural Area today,” according to a Thursday news release from Regional Animal Services of King County.

The zebra’s days-long escape spawned memes and jokes, with local government agencies pitching in with edited images of the zebra around the state.

Riverbend is about 30 miles from Seattle.

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