Streaming Ratings: ‘Griselda’ Repeats at No. 1, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Opens Well

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Netflix’s Griselda spent a second week as the top streaming title in the United States, according to Nielsen. It was one of three shows to snag more than a billion minutes of watch time for the week of Jan. 29-Feb. 4.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith also had a solid start for Amazon’s Prime Video, coming in just below the billion-minute mark. HBO’s True Detective also joined the rankings as it reached the midpoint of its fourth season.

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Griselda, starring Sofia Vergara as the notorious drug lord, grabbed 1.73 billion minutes of viewing for the week, up about 9 percent from the previous seven days. The other two billion-minute shows were Young Sheldon (1.31 billion minutes on Netflix and Max) and Bluey (1.15 billion on Disney+).

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, rang up 964 million minutes of watch time over three days after its Feb. 2 premiere (the full season dropped that day). It finished fourth overall and second among original series behind Griselda. They were the only two original series in the overall top 10 — the other eight were all library shows.

Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians improved some week to week with its season finale, growing by 8.5 percent to 575 million minutes of viewing. Prime Video’s Reacher (411 million minutes) continued to hang on in the top 10 two weeks after its second season finale.

True Detective: Night Country scored 648 million minutes of viewing on Max for the week after its third episode (and a few hours of viewing for the fourth, which aired the night of Feb. 4). Netflix’s documentary The Greatest Night in Pop, about the recording of “We Are the World,” topped the movie chart with 437 million minutes of viewing.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2024, are below.


1. Griselda (Netflix), 1.73 billion minutes viewed
2. Young Sheldon (Max/Netflix), 1.31 billion
3. Bluey (Disney+), 1.15 billion
4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Prime Video), 964 million
5. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 958 million
6. The Big Bang Theory (Max), 750 million
7. Suits (Netflix/Peacock), 732 million
8. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 689 million
9. This Is Us (Hulu/Netflix), 682 million
10. True Detective (Max), 648 million

Original Series

1. Griselda, 1.73 billion minutes
2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 964 million
3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Disney+), 575 million
4. Fool Me Once (Netflix), 471 million
5. Alexander: The Making of a God (Netflix), 435 million
6. Love on the Spectrum U.S. (Netflix), 433 million
7. Reacher (Prime Video), 411 million
8. American Nightmare (Netflix), 337 million
9. The Traitors (Peacock), 290 million
10. Queer Eye (Netflix), 269 million

Acquired Series

1. Young Sheldon, 1.31 billion minutes
2. Bluey, 1.15 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy, 958 million
4. The Big Bang Theory, 750 million
5. Suits, 732 million
6. NCIS, 689 million
7. This Is Us, 682 million
8. True Detective, 648 million
9. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 611 million
10. Cocomelon (Netflix), 579 million


1. The Greatest Night in Pop (Netflix), 437 million minutes
2. The Postcard Killings (Netflix), 432 million
3. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Netflix), 388 million
4. The Hill (2023) (Netflix), 380 million
5. The Vow (Netflix), 357 million
6. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 (Paramount+), 314 million
7. Orion and the Dark (Netflix), 309 million
8. The Underdoggs (Prime Video), 263 million
9. Pacific Rim (Netflix), 246 million
10. Elemental (Disney+), 240 million

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