Life Expectancy Drops In Canada For A Third Straight Year

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Photobank Kiev / Getty Images/iStockphoto

For a third straight year, the life expectancy rate in Canada has gone down.

Statistics Canada released their report on Monday, on the analysis of deaths in 2022, and for a third year in a row Canadians life expectancy has decreased due to more deaths of COVID-19 than in any recent years since the pandemic.

The report reveals that the average life expectancy of Canadians dropped to 81.3 in 2022, from a full year lower of 82.3 years during the course of 2019.

Cancer and heart disease were the first and second common causes of death, accounting for 41.8 per cent in 2022. COVID-19 has become the third-leading cause, overtaking accidents and unintentional injuries. Since the disease came about in 2020 it has caused 6 per cent of deaths.

"This increase may in part be due to the exposure to new highly transmissible COVID-19 variants and the gradual return to normalcy (e.g., reduced restrictions and masking requirements)," the report read.

It has been recorded that more than 19,700 Canadians died from COVID-19 in 2022, being the highest number since the pandemic began in 2020.

Canadians have had a rough year in general. A recent poll suggested that because of inflation isolation, half of Canadians are going out less to save money, and it's having a negative effect on their mental health.

Another report also said Torontonians in particular are more subject to feelings of loneliness and isolation.