Florence Pugh Sounds As Bummed As I Am That Marvel’s Upcoming Thunderbolts Movie Couldn’t Film In Atlanta This Summer

 Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Hawkeye
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While the summer box office has been on fire in 2023, the same couldn’t be said about future productions, as the dual writers-actors strike shut down Hollywood. One of those productions affected by the ongoing strikes was the Marvel ensemble feature Thunderbolts. Of course, the MCU faithfuls were sad to hear the movie wouldn’t be filmed this year. They weren’t the only ones bummed by the news as Florence Pugh opened up about not filming the Marvel movie in Atlanta this summer.

The Oscar-nominated actress mentioned her unexpected summer break in an Elle interview conducted by fellow actress and friend Jodie Turner-Smith. The two acting powerhouses traded anecdotes, including the body-shaming Pugh received over her viral sheer dress. Neither star mentioned their upcoming projects, given the current SAG-AFTRA strike. However, the Black Widow star brought up her previous plans without mentioning the Marvel movie. Pugh said:

Hi, baby. I adore you! I’m good. It’s been an interesting summer. I was supposed to work for six months in Atlanta, and it’s all just gone. So, I’m adjusting to that. It’s bizarre being this free.

It appeared Florence Pugh was preparing to play Yelena once more. But the strike put her summer filled with action sequences alongside her fellow Thunderbolts co-stars on hold. In recent years, MCU projects have been filmed in and around Atlanta at Pinewood Studios and other locations. Besides filming the ensemble piece, I’m sure Pugh was ready to take in all the sights and sounds of Atlanta during her downtime. Unfortunately, that and other Marvel films were pushed back due to multiple issues, including the ongoing strike. Specifically, Thunderbolts’ release date was moved to December 20, 2024.

Just like Pugh, I was sad to learn the upcoming MCU movie wouldn’t start production this summer. After living in Atlanta for many years, Marvel usually takes over the city with outstanding action sequences. It would’ve been fun seeing the Oppenheimer actress and her co-stars Sebastian Stan and David Harbour milling around on-set or interacting with fans off-set. I enjoy seeing stars taking in the city as they film a future Hollywood blockbuster. Maybe that could still happen once film productions pick back up following the end of the WGA-SAG strike.

This summer wasn’t a complete bust for Florence Pugh. She played the small but meaningful role of physicist Jean Tatlock in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster biopic Oppenheimer, which is currently in theaters. While Thunderbolts’ production start hasn’t been announced yet, viewers will see Pugh earlier on the upcoming 2024 movie schedule as Princess Irulan in the anticipated sequel Dune: Part Two. The epic follow-up will arrive in cinemas on March 15, 2024. She’s also set to appear in the romantic comedy We Live in Time with her new hangout buddy, Andrew Garfield.

In the meantime, upcoming Marvel movies are premiering over the next year, including The Marvels. The Captain Marvel sequel hits theaters on November 10. Check back with CinemaBlend to get more updates on Thunderbolts.