Enrique Iglesias shares his son's reaction to seeing his dad perform

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Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are proud parents of three children.

The singer and former tennis star have maintained a relatively private personal life, but every once in a while will share posts of their twins, Nicholas and Lucy, and daughter Mary on social media.

While talking to TODAY.com about his “Trilogy Tour” with Ricky Martin and Pitbull, Iglesias shares his almost-6-year-old son Nicholas’ sweet reaction to seeing him rehearse for the concerts.

The “Bailando” singer says that his three kids haven’t been to an actual show because he goes on “pretty late and by then, they’re sleeping.” But they know their dad is a performer.

“My son, when he saw me at rehearsal, it was like, ‘What?!’” Iglesias says of his wide-eyed boy. “Because he’s seen a lot of music videos and videos on stage of me performing, but to be able to see it in person, the production and lights, it was like ‘Oh, my god.’ He was like watching an alien or UFO, in a good way. He was amazed.”

While it may be a couple of years until the three kids all get to go to an actual concert, Iglesias' youngest, 3-year-old Mary, already has her favorite song.

“Whenever I go to pick her up at school, I pick up all of them, and she’s always the one that starts singing ‘I Like It’ a lot of times” he shares. “And then they all start singing it together. It’s the cutest thing ever. That’s her favorite song.”

Iglesias and Kournikova met on the set of his steamy 2001 music video for “Escape” and began dating soon after. While the pair haven’t been in engaged or married (to the public's knowledge), the former tennis player does go by Anna Kournikova Iglesias on her Instagram. They live with their children in Miami.

The singer also shares how he’s spending Christmas with his little ones.

“I’m really looking forward to Christmas, relax and be with them every single day,” Iglesias says. “They think that they’re supposed to get gifts no matter what holiday it is.”

The singer notes that his three children enjoyed Halloween so much this year, but says Christmas will be extra special. “They’re gonna go really crazy. They’re really looking forward to that.”

Now that his children are almost 6 and 3, he says that they not only tell him what they want as gifts but "they negotiate with you, which is hilarious."

"I call them little negotiators," he says, sharing how his 5-year-old son lost his first tooth and was astonished to see a $1 from the tooth fairy.

"He says, 'Oh, my God, dad! Have you ever seen the tooth fairy?'" the little one asked, wondering what he had to do to see it, too.

Read on for more on Iglesias and Kournikova's three children together.

Nicholas and Lucy

Nicholas and Lucy were born Dec. 16, 2017. The couple never publicly shared that they were expecting their first children together. Kournikova mostly kept her pregnancy under wraps.

It wasn't until a month later, on Jan. 16, 2018, that Iglesias and Kournikova shared the first photos of their twins. In one photo, the athlete is holding one of her babies and giving the infant a kiss on the cheek.

"My sunshine," the new mom captioned the post.

The "Hero" singer, on his end, also posted a photo of him nuzzling close to a baby.

The new dad wrote the same caption, "My sunshine."

At the time, they did not specify their date of birth or their names.

As the months went on, the proud parents would show little glimpses of their growing twins and family time. In one instance, Iglesias shared a video of him making his twins giggle non-stop while they were in their strollers.

There were also pool days together, games of peek-a-boo, and more sweet moments that they shared with the world.

Kournikova would go on to celebrate Nicholas and Lucy's 4th birthdays on her Instagram.

On Dec. 16, 2021, she posted a sweet photo of Nicholas wearing a red Mickey Mouse shirt, as well as one of him lounging in a bean bag.

"4!" she captioned the post, which included a red heart.

She also shared a photo of Lucy wearing a tie-dye matching top and skirt while playing on a playground. The second photo in the slideshow showed her playing inside.

The most recent family photo that the couple shared was when Kournikova wished Iglesias a happy birthday on May 8, 2022. The group photo (shown above), sees Mary on the singer's shoulders as he gives Lucy a kiss and Kournikova holds Nicholas on her other leg.

"Happy Birthday to the most amazing Dad! We super love you!!!" the caption reads.


The couple welcomed their third child, daughter Mary, on Jan. 20, 2020. Like they did with their twins, the couple kept Kournikova's pregnancy out of the spotlight.

They would go on to announce her birth weeks later on Feb. 13, 2020, when they shared photos of baby Mary at the hospital.

Kournikova's photos included one of her holding her daughter after giving birth. Iglesias also shared a snap of him in scrubs and holding his newborn daughter at the hospital.

The mom of three then posted a photo of Iglesias kissing her forehead while she cradled Mary on her chest.

Kournikova would go on to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday by sharing an adorable photo of her in a cream dress with a matching bow headband.

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