How To Enjoy Remote Work During The Warmer Months

Working remote or in a hybrid setting was mainly a myth before the pandemic. Now, businesses have increased the number of employees working from home. However, waking up and getting straight to business may affect your mental health. In February, experts from Integrated Benefits Institute reported to Yahoo finance that remote work is linked to increased anxiety and depression.

Overall anxiety and depression symptoms fell to 35 percent from 40 percent at the height of the pandemic according to the experts. IBI officials also reported women are affected more mentally than men.

Since the weather is warmer, it’s now easier to explore different settings other than your home before and even during the work day. These are ways women can cope with remote settings during spring and summer.

Have Lunch At A Local Park

Instead of logging off and eating in the kitchen, tour your neighborhood or city and have lunch at a park. Each city has different landmarks and exploring nature may soothe your mind. Nature may provide clarity and drive your focus away from your workload. It may be hard to turn off your responsibilities in the middle of the day but a reset can have a positive impact on your productivity.

Photo credit: Roberto Hund
Photo credit: Roberto Hund

Exercise Before Work

Our bodies are meant to move. Whether that’s going to the gym, utilizing virtual HIIT workouts, or getting in a yoga session, working out is linked to a productive day. Personal energy mimics our routine. Moving your body can improve your mental health before clocking into your job. If you’re not a morning person and don’t want to wake up too early to get to the gym, try a workout in your driveway or backyard. Remember to also stand up and stretch throughout your day of working remote.

Invite Girlfriends Over For a Work Day

Photo credit: Christina Morillo:
Photo credit: Christina Morillo:

There’s nothing like teamwork to make the dreamwork. Invite your besties over for a gals’ work party. Virtual business meetings should not be the only conversations going on in the room. Hosting a girls day can be productive because your friends will show up and encourage you during a hard day. Turn on your favorite playlist or start your favorite Netflix show. Remember to balance your workload with your girl time.

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