The Associated Press
July 29, 2012

The London organizing committee's chief says some Olympic visitors can expect seat upgrades to help address many empty seats in the preliminary rounds of the first few events. Coe says military personnel are already filling some of those empty seats and local teachers and schoolchildren are being offered some.

Coe is downplaying the issue Sunday, saying it is common for preliminary rounds to have empty seats in the sponsored areas. Some are simply trying to pick and choose between many events through a day and he expects the numbers to increase as the games go on.

"This is not unfamiliar in the preliminary rounds," Coe says. "I'm not sure naming and shaming is what we're into at the moment."

Overall, 8 percent of the tickets available go to sponsors and 75 percent to the British public, Coe says.

They also could start selling more tickets. Coe says an additional 1,000 were sold on Saturday.

—Jon Krawczynski — Twitter


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