Empowering Facebook Message About Being a Good Mom Goes Viral


Mom Constance Hall took to Facebook to lift up other mothers who are struggling with everything from post-baby body-image issues to guilt and postpartum depression.

In the Australian blogger’s empowering Jan. 16 post, Hall wrote: “To the woman at the park, looking at her phone, ignoring her children, I salute you. For not giving into the public perception that you should be switched on, 24 hours a day. To the woman with piles of dishes and washing who walks straight out the door for a coffee at her friends, I salute you. Being a good mum or wife or human does NOT mean spending eternity cleaning your house.”

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Hall also gave a shoutout to moms dealing with postpartum depression and commended them for asking their doctors about antidepressants. “Too often strength and weakness are confused,” she wrote. “Strength is asking for help. You are so strong. So many women are going through the exact same thing; they just don’t talk about it.”

She also stood up for moms who aren’t able to lose their baby weight and feel pressured to get back to a certain size. “A brand new 24 hour job that doesn’t pay and won’t end for around 20 years is NOT a good time to give up cake,” she wrote. “Eat the cake. Eat the whole f***ing cake and f*** off anyone who dares to say anything. Your post baby body is not all the sudden free for public commentary.”

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Hall’s anti-shaming letter to moms clearly struck a cord. The message has gone viral since it was posted, with more than 260,000 likes, 125,000 shares, and 12,000 comments, with many thanking Hall for her encouragement and sharing their own motherhood struggles.

(Photo: Constance Hall/Facebook)

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