Emma Roberts Thanks the ‘Gays and Whoever Else’ for This Viral Meme

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Emma Roberts gave credit where credit was due by thanking “gays and whoever else” for turning a video of the American Horror Story star into a viral meme.

It all started with Roberts posting a *cough* candid *cough* video of herself on the beach to her Instagram. In the video, Roberts is flipping her hair, giggling, and sticking out her tongue — and honestly looking gorgeous — to the song “Happiness is a Butterfly” by Lana Del Rey. Basically, it was begging for memeification, and the “gays and whoever else” came through, quickly making it go viral.

Roberts caught wind of her video blowing up and responded to fans through Instagram Stories. She posted a section from her video, writing, “Me going viral after 30. Thank you gays and whoever else,” which just kickstarted a whole new round of memes.

To this you can’t help but say: Thank you for the laughs, gays — and, you know, whoever else.