Emily McGuire thought her husband ordered a box from Amazon for her birthday. Then she took a closer look

Emily McGuire's husband surprised her with a birthday cake decorated like an Amazon package, much to the delight of avid shoppers on Facebook.

At first, Emily McGuire thought her husband had placed an Amazon package on the table for her birthday.

She laughed.

"I thought he was making fun of me because he always jokes about all my boxes from Amazon, but then he was like, 'Here's your cake!'" McGuire told USA TODAY on Thursday.

The North Carolina photographer believed him once she sat down, noting details from the priority shipping label to the logos. Every part of the cake from Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn was edible, McGuire said — even the label made of sugar and wafer paper.

And, best of all, McGuire said the cake was delicious.

Two years ago, McGuire said she bought her husband, Mac, a cake designed like a can of Copenhagen dipping tobacco, but this year marked the first creative birthday dessert he bought her.

The cake, which cost about $50, wasn't a hassle to order, either. Mac messaged a recommended baker with the idea and they said they'd be happy to do it. The dessert took eight hours to create, McGuire said the bakery told her.

McGuire, who runs Emily McGuire Photography, posted a few phone photos of her Amazon package cake to Facebook and watched it spread across the internet.

"I need this," wrote one user. "I seriously have a package coming every day this week and two more before the 31st."

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Another commenter asked Sweet Dreams Bakery if the Amazon package can be shipped.

Instead of chocolate, McGuire said her Amazon packages usually include coffee, clothes, school supplies, toys and other purchases. She finds sales on the Facebook page Erica's Steals, Seals & Finds.

The professional photographer said she just wishes she had taken a higher-quality photo before the cake went viral.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Amazon-box shaped birthday cake delights North Carolina wife