The Emerging Flu Epidemic, Gay Marriage in France, and the Hall of Fame

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire
The Emerging Flu Epidemic, Gay Marriage in France, and the Hall of Fame

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Top Stories: The U.S. is dealing with three "emerging flu or flulike epidemics" including the early flu season, a new type of norovirus, and "the worst whooping cough outbreak in 60 years." 

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World: Gay marriage is a tricky issue in France, which remains a predominantly Roman Catholic country even though "few go to church." 

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U.S.: People in the west are resorting to hay thieving for reasons both monetary and desperate. 

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New York: New York is moving to put "some of the nation's strictest gun-control laws into effect." 

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Baseball: Mike Piazza was never connected to steroid use, but still did not gain entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame in what "appears to indicate an underlying suspicion."  

Opinion: Gail Collins on Roe v. Wade and abortion rights.

Movies: Oscar winners and nominees share their memories of Oscars past

Fashion & Style: A new generation of activists seeks "more radical" changes than same-sex marriage rights: "an upending of gender roles beyond the binary of male/female."