Emergency worker runs over body after huge gunfight at biker club, Georgia cops say

A shooting between accused members of rival motorcycle gangs left two people dead and four injured, according to a Georgia sheriff.

Accused members of the groups Thug Rider and Outkast started shooting at an Outkast motorcycle clubhouse in Augusta just before 7 p.m. May 13, according to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

When emergency responders arrived, they found two people dead — Germayne Farrell, 51, of Daytona Beach, Florida; and Keith Coates, 30, of Valdosta, Georgia, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

Four other people had been shot at least once and were taken to a hospital, the release says.

An official with the fire department who was on scene ran over one of the dead bodies while moving his car to make room for emergency vehicles, Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree said during a news conference.

Roundtree called it an “unfortunate accident.”

The shooting stemmed from an incident that occurred recently in Florida involving Outkast, Roundtree said. Accused members of the Thug Riders went to Georgia to retaliate, he said.

He described the scene of the shooting as one of “carnage” and said that when he arrived there were shell casings “as far as your eye can see.”

More than 150 shell casings were recovered, Roundtree said.

He said just down the street is a neighborhood where many kids live.

“With the amount of firepower and carnage we saw at the scene, this could have been a much (more) horrible event,” he said. “We don’t take any solace in that.”

He also called the shooting a “targeted, coordinated” attack.

Ten people have been arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault, according to the news release. Warrants on charges of murder and aggravated assault have been issued for two more people who are being treated in a hospital.

Those charged include:

  • Larry Ross, 44

  • McKayla Rickett, 26

  • Matthew Willis, 28

  • Jessica Sapp, 30

  • Cory Sapp, 30

  • Freddie Crosson, 39

  • Tysen Harper, 38

  • Larry Sutton, 42

  • James Bryant, 31,

  • Kenneth Taylor, 43

  • Deja Dotson, 30

  • Jonathan Keaton, 31

A person who wrote on Facebook that Germayne Farrell was her father wrote that he “wasn’t perfect” but that she was grateful for everything he’d taught her.

“Man (I’m going to) miss talking, laughing and arguing with you but I’ll just replay those memories over and over in my head until we meet again,” wrote Snow Johnson.

Information on Coates could not be found online.

Augusta is about 150 miles east of Atlanta.

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