Elton John Had A Wind Problem And Asked: ‘Can You Sort Out The Weather?’

Diva Elton John once wigged out by demanding a staff member “do something” about the windy weather outside his hotel room.

The Crocodile Rock singer is notorious for his tantrums and has now admitted one of his most “unrealistic moments” came when he was frustrated by the blustery conditions.

He admitted while appearing on the Carpool Karaoke segment of James Corden’s Late Late Show: “I’d been up for a couple of days at the Inn On The Park, as it was then, on Park Lane in London, and I was still up at 11am. I rang the office and spoke to a guy called Robert Keown and I said, ‘Robert, it’s far too windy here, can you do something about it?’”

Elton added: “I can imagine him putting his hand over the receiver going, ‘He’s finally lost the plot’.

“It wasn’t a tantrum as such but as reality goes, it was pretty far off the chart.”

The 68-year-old also revealed he “loves it” when his two sons Zachary, five, and three-year-old Elijah, throw hissy fits.

Elton added on the Late Late Show he doesn’t own a mobile because he relies on borrowing the phones of his round-the-clock security guards.


He said: “I don’t have a phone – there’s usually a security person around me. I do have an iPad.”

Stunned presenter James asked: “So right now, I could legitimately kidnap you?”

Elton quipped: “I’ve been wanting you to do that.”

The 68-year-old singer – famous for spending almost £300,000 in twenty months during a period in the Nineties – admitted he buys four copies of every record he likes so he can listen to it wherever he is.

He said: “I’ve never been able to have one of anything, if I buy a record I get four copies, one for the house here, one for the house in France, one for the house in England and one for the place in Atlanta.”


The 1996 documentary Tantrums And Tiaras captured Elton in several famous fits – including a moment when he stormed off a tennis court at the Hotel Du Cap in Antibes after a fan had the temerity to shout, “Yoo-hoo”.

Elton demanded a private jet take him elsewhere while storming: “I’m on f***ing holiday. I’m never coming to the south of France again.”