Elm Hill neighbors call on city leaders for change after 6 people injured in crash involving school bus, WeGo bus

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Neighbors fear for their lives along a dangerous stretch of road that is prone to horrific car accidents.

A WeGo bus driver remains in critical but stable condition after three kids and three adults were injured in a crash involving two buses and multiple passenger cars on Elm Hill Pike Tuesday morning.

Neighbors reached out to News 2 after we’ve reported on several accidents in this exact area over the years.

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“It’s not the first time this has happened, it’s not the second time this has happened. It’s happened many times,” said Metro Councilmember, Russ Bradford.

In January, a car went up in flames after metro police said a speeder crashed into a tree. And in November 2021, News 2 was on the scene during a bus versus car accident that left one person dead.

“It’s been like this the entirety of my life. I’ve lived on this stretch of road my whole life, my parents have been here for a long time, nothing for the past 50 years has changed,” said Rebecca Brown. “It just persists, people going faster and there is nothing done to help slow them down either.”

As long as Brown can remember, her front yard has been the site for crash scenes. “It’s just very scary that this is a continued trend on this road.”

Bradford and neighbors said the road is dangerous for several reasons. For example, the road goes from four lanes to two with two blind hills on the stretch of road.

“This is a major connector road so people cut through,” Bradford added.

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The road also appears to be crumbling along the edges. However, most importantly, neighbors say speeding has become the biggest concern.

Several months ago, Bradford invited neighbors, NDOT, MNPD, TDOT and state lawmakers to hold a meeting on safety concerns. He offered one easy solution would be installing rumble strips, however, he said nothing has changed to improve safety.

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