Elleda Wilson: Saved by ketchup

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Mar. 2—A maritime oddity of note: In December, Elvis Francois, of Saint Martin, became lost at sea on his boat for 24 days, according to Entrepreneur.com. During that trying time, he survived on ketchup and garlic powder.

Eventually, in January, a seaplane spotted his boat and he was rescued. A sudden media sensation once he landed, Heinz, famous for its ketchup, was looking high and low for him online with the hashtag #findtheketchupboatguy. They wanted to buy him "a new boat equipped with full navigational technology to avoid another disaster in the future," the company told CNN.

Dominican news outlet EmoNews posted an interview with him on Facebook on Feb. 22, telling Heinz where to find him. Heinz was right on it, and replied: "Incredible. We've hopped into your DMs — let's get Elvis his boat!"

EmoNews confirmed Francois has talked to Heinz, and Heinz has confirmed they're "working through the logistics" to get Francois his boat. Francois, needless to say, is "quite excited." (Photo: EmoNews)