Is Election Day a federal holiday? What to know before the 2024 elections.

Election Day occurs every year, with plenty of "off-year elections taking place locally. But every four years, a presidential election takes place.

During a presidential election year, the president and vice president are determined.

If you plan to exercise your civic duty this upcoming Election Day, you may wonder if you get the workday off. Here's what to know.

When is Election Day 2024?

The 2024 elections will be held on Nov. 5, 2024. Election Day is held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, according to the Department of Justice.

Is Election Day a federal holiday?

Election Day is not a federal holiday.

Some states do, however, observe Election Day as a holiday. Most state offices will be closed on the date, including:

Twenty-four states, plus the District of Columbia, offer paid time off to vote.

There are some states that offer time off for voting but with no pay. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Wisconsin.

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