Egypt's state TV shows footage of Morsi in court

Egypt's state TV shows footage of Morsi in court

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's state television has aired video clips of the deposed Islamist president arriving in court for his trial on charges of incitement of murder.

One clip shows Mohammed Morsi emerging from a minibus outside the courtroom on Monday, buttoning up his dark blue jacket as he steps out of the vehicle. He is flanked by burly policemen. Another clip shows his co-defendants standing in two lines like a guard of honor and applauding Morsi as he joins them in the defendants' cage.

The footage had no audio. Independent photographers and video journalists were not allowed in the courtroom.

Morsi, Egypt's first freely elected president, had been held at an undisclosed location since his ouster in a military coup on July 3. Monday marked his first public appearance.