Editorial: ‘No jab, no job’ did the job: The COVID vaccine mandate was the smart policy, so keep it handy

When he was New York mayor in 2021, Bill de Blasio was right to impose a COVID vaccine mandate for anyone employed by the New York City municipal government. And during his time as mayor, Eric Adams was right to keep the requirement in place for the past year and successfully defend it in court. The “no jab, no job” regulation has been consistently upheld by state and federal courts.

And it worked. Adams now reports that 96% of the city workforce has completed their initial round of the vaccine, noticeably higher than the overall city average of 80%. The price of the rule was de minimis, with only 1,780 fools losing their jobs for some cockeyed belief in “freedom” or “liberty.” We love both concepts dearly‚ but there’s no right to a public sector job. If you really want the government to stay out of your life, getting a paycheck from the taxpayers seems like a bad fit.

Furthermore, if you deny the proven safety and effectiveness of the Trump-developed, Biden-distributed COVID vaccines — which have saved millions of lives — what does it say about your judgment? The same for those who lamely tried fake excuses on medical grounds or religious objections and anyone else who follows the health care prescriptions of anti-vaxxer Kyrie Irving

These dopes who lost their jobs hopefully didn’t lose their health or their lives from the ravages of COVID. While they are not entitled to their old jobs back, once the current employee mandate lapses on Friday, assuming they are alive and fit, they are welcome to apply for openings.

As for the end of the no-exception vax for everyone rules announced by Adams yesterday, we won’t know for some time if COVID vax rates decline dangerously. But we do know that the mayor and his health commissioner can always switch it back on if needs be.

The mandate works. It is just and fair and it saves lives. Mr. Mayor, keep it nearby and at the ready if things go south again.