Editorial: Build this wall: Stem that invasion from Canada's southern border

My fellow Canadians, our nation has become a dumping ground for all the world’s problems.

When the United States sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them.

They’re bringing narcotics. They’re bringing ignorance. They’re bringing overpriced prescription drugs, and taking our lower-priced prescription drugs. They’re bringing illegal guns. And now, they’re bringing coronavirus: from Florida, from Texas and Arizona and California, from border states like Michigan and Washington.

They totally failed to contain the pandemic in their country, and now they threaten our great progress in stamping out the invisible enemy here.

And some Americans, we assume, are good people.

So we’re going to build a wall. We’re going to have a big, fat beautiful door on the wall. America’s going to pay for that wall. We’re going to have people come in, but they’re going to come in legally.

On the other side of the world they built the Great Wall of China, 13,000 miles. This is only 3,987 miles, plus another 1,538 with Alaska.

We built the W.A.C. Bennett Dam. We built the Confederation Bridge. We built the CN Tower. We can build a wall.

And if the U.S. refuses to let a wall be built, if they refuse to pay for it, if they continue to flood our nation with guns and drugs and a deadly pandemic that’s already taken nearly 9,000 Canadian lives, well, then the wall will just get 10 meters higher.


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