Ed Koch Remembered, a Hostage Crisis Hits Home, and a Super Bowl in the Bayou

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire

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Top Stories: Remembering Ed Koch, a man who is "survived by New York itself." 

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World: The people of Timbuktu remember "how they survived the upending of their tranquil lives" by the onset of Islamic militant-imposed Shariah law. 

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U.S.: In Midland City, Alabama, where there is the ongoing hostage crisis, "residents watched as their tiny town, where the National Peanut Festival in nearby Dothan is usually the biggest event of the year, became a near-constant presence on national television." 

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New York: Senator Robert Menendez's relationship with "wealthy Florida eye surgeon" Salomon E. Melgen is coming under scrutiny as FBI agents raided Melgen's offices. 

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Business: Major food companies and Walmart attended a meeting last month with groups advocating for labeling foods with genetically engineered ingredients. 

Sports: For the Balitmore Ravens' Ed Reed, the Super Bowl is taking place near his home in Destrehan, Louisiana. 

Opinion: Arthur C. Brooks on the cost of college

Art & Design: The Outside Art Fair, now housed in the "spaces of the former Dia Art Foundation,"  possesses "a renewed radiance."