Go Green: 10 Little Eco-Friendly Projects


The movement to become more eco-conscious is no longer a practice written off to be the “tree-huggers” of the world. Not driving a gas-guzzling car or avoiding products that are harmful to the environment are small changes that are now widely practiced. Plastic bags have been officially banned from use in several major metropolitan cities, and it looks like a few more may soon be following. Major cities, London and New York being a couple examples, have instated bike share programs to encourage residents to consider a greener alternative for their commute. Ingenuity and a little experimentation have brought about a few quirky green ideas, such as the vegetable oil powered car. However small or big you want to go with your efforts to be more environmentally friendly, there are plenty of resources to get started. We have 10 tips and projects here to help people from all levels, from enthusiastic novice to hardcore eco-friendly pro.

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