We Are The Eastern Plains: The importance of the El Paso County Livestock sale

(PEYTON, Colo.) — While the spring brings about blooming flowers and signs of warmth, The El Paso County Fairgrounds sits empty… until this summer, that is.

This summer, the grounds will be met with the boom and bustle of visitors dazzled with all of the offerings of the fair, including the Junior Livestock Sale.

Cami Kranz is a participant in the Junior Livestock Program. She’s a student at Peyton High School.

This will be her sixth year showing poultry.

“My parents have always taken me to the fair and the first thing I’ve always wanted to do was say ‘Mom, can you take me to the poultry barn?'” Kranz said of her interest in the Livestock show. “A lot of people tend to be scared of them or tend to not be the biggest fans of poultry, but I just love them so much.”

Patty Woodard is the manager of the El Paso County Junior Livestock Sale. “It showcases the market products that are produced out here in rural Eastern El Paso County,” Woodard said. “When the fair first started, that’s what it was—it was an agricultural display. It continues today in which it brings youth development, agriculture, and civic engagement all together in order to see basically what is going on out here in Eastern El Paso County.”

The show is an important experience for the students who participate.

“It’s always important to me,” Kranz said, “because it teaches me and the community to be the best version of ourselves and to get out of our comfort zone.”

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