Early voting has begun in DC

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Early voting is now underway in the nation’s capital.

Voters who wanted to cast their ballots before the June 4 primary started heading to the polls since last Sunday.

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Wards 2, 4, 7 and 8 are up for grabs during this year’s primaries including one at-large seat.

Voters told DC News Now that crime and homelessness were at the top of their minds as they headed to the polls. Michelle Davis, a longtime D.C. resident, said that voting early was important to her because she was not satisfied with the current state D.C. was in.

“It’s just sad. The crime, the streets, the homeless. I’m not used to this,” Davis, who voted at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library in Northwest D.C., said. “I’m not used to this being here in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital.”

Judy Lavelle, of D.C., also voted early because she was going to be unavailable on primary day.

“You can’t complain unless you vote,” she said.

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Lavelle said she wants the District to provide better affordable housing. She said she thinks that it will lead to lower crime rates.

“I like to vote in D.C. because as a D.C. resident, I’m very concerned about housing affordability for everyone, just availability of reasonable housing options,” she said. “That’s probably my No. 1 concern.”

Toni Russin, who lives in Georgetown, said she’s also concerned about affordable housing. She said she thinks it could also solve some of the homelessness problems in the District.

“The main issue is housing, more sympathy, more money for a lower income housing, dealing with the homeless situation,” Russin said.

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Festus Imoroa, who voted for the first time on Tuesday, said that he has several issues he’s concerned about.

“Crime is one of them. Basically, we want to make sure that the crime situation in the District is taken care of,” Imoroasaid. “The second is economy and the safety, which is equally related to on the safety, which is equally related to crime.”

Early voting in D.C. will continue until June 2.

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