Early voting in the 2022 midterms has begun. Here's when early voting starts and ends in each state.

Early voting sticker rolls on a table
Early voting is still open in many states across the country.AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File
  • With the 2022 midterm elections on November 8, most states have started early voting.

  • Early voting start and end dates vary by state and some extend all the way up to Election Day.

  • If you want to avoid long lines on Election Day, see when early voting starts in your state.

Early voting for the the 2022 midterm elections on November 8 has begun.

Start and end times for early voting varies by state, but can extend all the way up to Election Day. Casting your ballot early gives you a chance to avoid potentially long lines and having to send your vote via snail mail.

As noted in the chart above, there are a number of states where early voting dates vary by county, so be sure to check with your local polling place to see when early voting begins for you. The chart also indicates that there is a specific time ballots are due for some early voting end dates.

There are 16 states where early voting ends on November 7, the day before the election.  Early voting for the rest of the states that offer it ends within the week prior to Election Day.

A number of states, including New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, conduct all-mail elections, therefore all ballots are due anytime before the election.

Alabama, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Nevada do not offer an option for early voting.

Early voting locations may differ from those on actual Election Day, so be sure to check with your local elections precinct to clarify where you can vote early. Additionally, some states require certain forms of identification to be presented to polling workers when you cast your ballot, so don't forget to see what forms of photo or non-photo ID are accepted in your state.

If you miss the deadline to vote early, you can vote in-person on Tuesday, November 8. Be sure to check what time your polling place opens and closes.

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