EA accused of botching SimCity for Mac launch

Brad Reed

SimCity For Mac Bugs
SimCity For Mac Bugs

It may be time to wonder if some malevolent entity has placed a curse on the SimCity franchise. TUAW points out that EA forums have been flooded with complaints from Mac users who say that the recently released SimCity for Mac is unplayable. The biggest complaint seems to be that the game won’t let users play in full-screen mode, although other gamers are having trouble just installing the game onto their MacBooks. A spokesperson for EA subsidiary Maxis acknowledged that “there are a small number of players who have encountered issues with SimCity for Mac” and that the company was working on fixes. EA was forced to apologize earlier this year when it botched the launch of SimCity for Windows after the company’s always-on DRM requirements quickly overwhelmed its servers and rendered the game unplayable.

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