Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Been Transfered to Prison

Dashiell Bennett

The U.S. Marshall's service announced on Friday morning that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect has left the hospital where he has been for the last week, and transfered to a prison hospital on a nearby military base. CNN reports that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now at Federal Medical Center Devens, located at Fort Devens, which is an Army Reserve military instillation about 50 miles outside of Boston, in rural Massachusetts.

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The fact that he is at military style hospital-prison should not be interpreted as a change in status or an admission that he is now a combatant under military jurisdiction. The hospital actually belongs to the Federal Bureau of PrisonsBut the fort location would provide a extra layer of security for a very important prisoner who can't yet (or maybe ever) be put in a regular prison cell. He is also still receiving medical treatment and the Devens hospital, which is used to house prisoners in need of long-term or "specialized" care.

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Technically, Fort Devens is no longer an active military instillation since it was "closed" in 1996 and reopened as a training ground for the Army Reserves, with the rest turned over the state of Massachusetts to develop. Much of the property has been converted to private land or sold to other groups like the National Guard and Federal Bureau of Prisons, which operates the medical center.

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In other news, CNN is also reporting that Tsarnaev's parents will not be coming to the United States as planned, but have relocated to another town in Russia.