DWR building dams along Red Rock Creek in hopes beavers will take them over

RED ROCK CREEK, Utah (ABC4) — A large number of dams were built along Red Rock Creek last summer in a recent habitat project by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Officials are hoping beavers will take over the dams in time.

“Thanks to a recent habitat project, deer, elk and other wildlife should have a more resilient summer range in the Cinnamon Creek Wildlife Management Area. And we’ll be able to see the benefits of these efforts for years to come,” DWR stated.

Over the past summer, DWR crews built 45 “beaver dam analogs” along a stretch of Red Rock Creek. Officials said the dams will slow the water flow through the creek, raising the water table, improving forage for wildlife, and reducing erosion.

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These dams reportedly mimic what beavers do naturally.

“In time, we hope beavers will take over the maintenance of the dams and continue to improve the habitat,” DWR stated.

Crews have also planted a variety of plants near the stream to help jump-start the process, including cottonwoods, willows, roses, currants, and serviceberry. DWR officials said that eventually, “a thriving, diverse plant community” will take hold in the area, giving deer, elk, and other wildlife nutritious food and cover.

A neighboring landowner reportedly helped with the process, along with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, & State Lands.

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