Dutch towers damaged by 5G protesters

A Dutch newspaper reported on Saturday that several cellular broadcasting towers across the Netherlands have been damaged by arson or sabotage --

by opponents of a rollout of a new 5G network.

De Telegraaf said there have been four incidents in the past week-- citing the director of The Monet Foundation--

an industry group that oversees placement of cell towers in the country.

De Telegraaf reported that arsonists had left an anti-5G slogan spray-painted at the scene of one attack.

A range of groups in the Netherlands have been opposed to the the introduction of 5G for some time--

mostly over concerns that radiowaves could damage human health.

Others fear the technology could infringe upon privacy.

Major telecommunications providers in the Netherlands are in a testing phase with 5G..

and have not yet begun a nationwide rollout pending a spectrum auction due to conclude in June.