During Iowa Senate debate, Ernst has difficulty answering a question about soybean prices

During the Iowa Senate debate with Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield on Thursday, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst has trouble answering a question posed to her about soybean prices.

Video Transcript

- Well, thank you very much. I might have missed it, but I don't think you answered my question. What's the break-even price for soybeans in Iowa? You grew up on a farm, you should know this.

JONI ERNST: I think you had asked about corn, and it depends on--

- No, I asked her-- corn of Theresa Greenfield.

JONI ERNST: It depends on what the inputs are, but probably about $5.50.

- Well you're a couple dollars off, I think here, because it's $10.05 But we'll move on to something else.

JONI ERNST: And I don't think Ms. Greenfield answered either.

- She actually did with the price of corn. We had asked for the price of soybeans from you, Senator. You want to take another crack at it?

JONI ERNST: No, thank you. You said-- could-- the break-even for corn is $10.50. I don't think that's correct.

- Right. That would have been for beans, but Ron's question was soybeans to you--

JONI ERNST: Or maybe I'm not hearing.

- --corn to Ms. Greenfield. Well, let's go ahead and move on to a completely different subject-- party unity.