Duo accused of leaving dog outside in freezing temperatures for 3 days

Jan. 2—WEST DECATUR, Pa. — A Clearfield County man and a Blair County woman are accused of leaving a pet dog tethered to a wooden post for 64 hours, despite temperatures as low as 12 degrees Fahrenheit, state police said.

James Pfahler, 21, of West Decatur, and Jamey Williams, of Tyrone, "abandoned" the male dog from Christmas day to Dec. 28, attaching it to a lead connected to a post that offered no shelter, Trooper Austin Woolcock wrote in a release to media.

The dog was left outdoors on an Albert Run Road property in Boggs Township, state police wrote.

"As a result, the dog was exposed to the weather elements that included a low temperature of 12 degrees Fahrenheit and ... (the owners) failed to leave accessible water or food for the dog," Woolcock said in the release.