Dunkin' employee reveals what happens to all those uneaten donuts at the end of the day

Dunkin’ employee Bryan Johnston uses his TikTok platform to showcase a day in the life of a Dunkin’ worker. Some of the 16-year-old’s most viral videos involve him throwing away more than 300 donuts right before closing, even though they’re still perfectly edible. “I do get to bring some [donuts] home if I want to, but this is just the routine I have to follow”. Naturally, Johnston’s closing routine has TikTok users shocked and appalled. “Give them to the homeless. This is a waste,” one person said. “There [are] people suffering give it to them,” another reiterated. Johnston has seen all of the comments on his videos. They have motivated him to try and do everything he can to donate the food rather than waste it. “we (the workers) are allowed to take the donuts before we trash them, but we would have to take them in a discreet bag or box that doesn’t have the company’s logo on it,” Johnston explained to In The Know. “That way if we decide to give them out or to the homeless, the company cannot get sued”. “Even though I technically could take the donuts to the homeless, I legally can’t give [them] to shelters unless the company allows it (which they don’t)”