Are Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah actually dating, as pictures emerge of them kissing?

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images
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If the last month has showed us anything, it's that the rumoured celebrity couple pairings can be completely random. From Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski, to Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid; now we may have another couple to add to the list - Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah.

Dua and Trevor were pictured going out for dinner and kissing in New York on Wednesday night (28th September).

The pair were having dinner at a Jamaican restaurant in the East Village and an onlooker told the Daily Mail they appeared to be very into each other.

They said: "They were quietly sat away from everyone else at restaurant. It was clear they were into each other and sat close together throughout the meal. They left together and walked, stopping for long embraces and on the second kiss with hugs."

Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images

Neither Dua or Trevor have confirmed if they are dating. The pair are believed to have met at the Grammy Awards earlier this year where Trevor was hosting the ceremony and Dua was performing.

Dua was previously in a relationship with Anwar Hadid for two years before breaking up in late 2021. And Trevor was previously in an on off relationship with actor Minka Kelly. The pair had first met in September 2020 before splitting up in May 2021. Soon after, Trevor and Minka were said to be dating again before ending their relationship in May this year.

Photo credit: Michael Buckner - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Buckner - Getty Images

The news of Trevor and Dua dating comes as Trevor announces he will be stepping down from his role as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central after seven years.

Trevor announced the news in a video on Twitter yesterday (29th September) and said he had loved doing the show but was looking to work on more standup comedy.

He said: "It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s something that I never expected. I found myself thinking throughout the time of everything we’ve gone through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, just the journey, more pandemic and I realise that after the seven years, my time is up.”

Trevor went onto say what he plans to do in the future: "I spent two years in my apartment, not on the road, and when I got back out there, I realised there’s another part of my life out there that I want to carry on exploring. I miss learning other languages. I miss going to other countries and putting on shows."

He thanked the viewers of the show for their support over the years. He has not yet confirmed when his final appearance on The Daily Show will be be.

We have reached out to reps for Dua and Trevor for comment.

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