DT Morning News Roundup — March 27, 2012

Andrew Couts
DT Morning News Roundup — March 27, 2012

Happy Tuesday, everyone. (Are Tuesday’s ever happy?) Here’s your morning tech news roundup, and your fun fact of the day:  The smell of fresh cut grass is actually the plant screaming for help.

Cancer wonder-drug shrinks all tumors — ScienceMagGoogle integrates Play into its navigation bar, further explaining name change — DTNet neutrality concerns raised about Comcast’s Xbox On Demand service — ArsTechnicaHow gravel could save our broken electric grid — GigaOmTechnology can rewire our brains — USA TodayThe rise of real-time video — WiredDad’s energy-monitoring app busts teenage daughter’s house party — DTBully to be released unrated — ComingSoonBig Brother wants your Facebook password — BusinessweekXbox now used more for entertainment than online gaming — LA TimesAre iPhone subsidies destroying carriers? — DTEPA to impose first greenhouse gas limits on power plants — Washington PostWhy you can’t sue your wireless carrier in a class action — CNetGoogle launching third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook — TNWNano-SIM war: here’s what Apple and Nokia want to put in your next phone — The VergeTurning down Zynga: Why I opted out of the $210M OMGPOP buy — GamasutraIs it a condom or an Android phone? — BusinessInsider10,000 people sign petition to put Alan Turning on the £10 note — The Atlantic[Image via Stephen Mcsweeny/Shutterstock]

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