Drone captures Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests from above

A drone operator captured footage of thousands of protesters in Hong Kong's central business district on Monday, the fourth consecutive day of pro-democracy demonstrations.

The Associated Press reports that Hong Kong's embattled police force appeared to soften their tactics, a day after they used tear gas against what they said were "violent protesters," injuring dozens of people.

The use of force backfired, with older protesters joining students and other activists in a show of solidarity.

"We are not scared, we are not frightened, we just fight for it," Carol Chan, a 55-year-old civil service worker, told the AP.

Occupy Central, which is helping organize the protests, urged Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign after the Chinese government announced candidates for the city's first-ever election for a leader must be screened by Beijing business owners.

Leung called Occupy Central's occupation “unlawful."