Drone attack on Ukraine: air defence destroys 11 Shahed drones

Ukraine’s air defence forces have destroyed 11 of the 16 Shahed drones that attacked Ukraine on the evening of 17 March.

Source: Ukrainian Air Force Command on Telegram

Quote: "The Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed-136 and Shahed-131 kamikaze drones. The attack was carried out from two directions: from the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov and from the Bryansk Oblast of the Russian Federation.

Military assets and personnel from Air Commands Centre, Skhid (East) and Zakhid (West) of the Ukrainian Air Force have destroyed 11 attack UAVs in the central, western and eastern oblasts."

Details: Ukrainian Air Force also reported that a total of 16 attack drones had attacked Ukraine.


  • An air-raid warning was issued in the city of Kyiv and a number of oblasts of Ukraine on the evening of Friday, 18 March as air defence shot down Shahed kamikaze drones.

  • Explosions rang out in the cities of Dnipro and Novomoskovsk in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

  • Ukraine’s Air defence forces destroyed all Shahed drones that attacked Kyiv.

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