Driver stops to check ‘trash’ thrown out window in Georgia. It was anything but garbage

A woman was driving through a busy Georgia intersection when a driver in front of her threw what appeared to be trash out of their window.

The woman was suspicious, so she pulled over and checked out the garbage. And it’s a good thing she did — the “trash” was actually two kittens, according to an April 5 Facebook post from the Duluth Police Department.

After finding the kittens, the woman kept them at her house overnight, police said. The next morning, she called Planned PEThood, which contacted police.

The woman discovered that the “trash” was actually two kittens, police said.
The woman discovered that the “trash” was actually two kittens, police said.

People shared their support for the kittens on Facebook.

“Who does such a thing! Thank goodness that kind lady stopped to check what was tossed out,” one person commented.

“Whoever did that deserves................fill in the blank with something karmic,” another person said.

“This so upsetting, cruel and heartless person that did this,” another person posted. “Thanks much to the lady that stopped to help, the pet rescue and the police Officer! I hope they find good homes!”

Duluth is about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta.

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