Driver says she was caught between DMV in 2 states trying to sort out suspended license

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Josephine Hill admits she ran a stop sign in 2009 in West Virginia.

She says she paid the fine, or at least she thought she did.

Fast forward to 2017 when she says she moved to North Carolina and got a driver’s license with no issues. Well, that was, until last week.

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Hill says she applied for a telecommunicator position with the 911 center in Statesville. “And they started to do my background check and they called me and they said, ‘Did you know your license is suspended?’” she said.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “My heart literally sank. (It was) terrible. Terrible. Terrible.”

So, she says she called the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, which said she hadn’t resolved that 2009 stop sign issue in West Virginia. She called the West Virginia DMV, which said it didn’t show that she owed anything. She told NC DMV that information, but it told her West Virginia needed to put in writing that she didn’t owe anything, which she couldn’t get the agency to do.

So, Hill emailed Action 9, which reached out to the NC DMV. The next day, the agency told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke it got in touch with the West Virginia DMV and that Hill was in the clear. It’s still not clear what the confusion had been, but the DMV says there were a few administrative things Hill had to do, but then she’d be good to go.

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Now, hopefully, she can land that 911 job.

“Thank God for you,” Hill told Stoogenke. “The clock is ticking for the job because I have to have everything done by the 25th.”

A lot of drivers contact Action 9 about DMV issues. Many, like Hill’s, are very case specific, but here’s general advice:

- You can always keep an eye on the status of your license and tags on MyDMV. That way, you can catch problems early.

- If you can’t get it resolved on own, you can always talk to a lawyer or Action 9.

For other questions about license suspension, the NC DMV has more information on its website here.

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