Driver charged as several killed in Texas border city

STORY: Several pedestrians were killed in south Texas on Sunday when a man driving an SUV mowed down people near a homeless shelter that attends to migrants.

Police in the city of Brownsville said the driver is in custody, facing reckless driving charges and possible other charges.

According to police, the victims in the morning crash were waiting at a bus stop near Ozanam Center, a shelter for the homeless used by migrants.

And that migrants were among the dead.

This man says he witnessed the crash.

"We hope the hospitalized migrants will recover because they have families far away who count on them. We crossed mountains, marched, and got through the migration. It was a long way to come here, and we fought hard."

Police said a number of people were taken to hospital with a range of injuries.

A New York Times report quoted Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino as saying it was not clear if the driver intentionally crashed into the group or lost control of the vehicle.

A Brownsville police lieutenant told Fox News, investigators are trying to determine whether the driver was intoxicated.

Brownsville lies on the border with Mexico, and the city is one of the places expecting an influx of migrants when COVID-era restrictions under Title 42 expire on Thursday.