'DriveClub' trailer turns on friendly challenges

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"DriveClub" players are encouraged to team up for bigger challenges and rewards

A new trailer for socially motivated PlayStation 4 racer "DriveClub" emphasises challenge-based racing, while a Gamescom audience learned more about dynamic weather and a companion app.

Game director Paul Rushchynsky took to the stage during PlayStation's Gamescom presentation in Cologne to highlight some distinctives from "DriveClub," due on PS4 the week of October 7.

As well as breathtaking visuals, with an intensely detailed selection of supercars and internationally inspired courses, the "DriveClub" dynamic weather system can have a huge impact on the development of each race.

Not only that, but players will be able to dictate how weather conditions alter over the course of a race, if they so wish, tailoring the way that weather affects the racing experience as fog, rain and snow affects car control and visibility.

Additionally, a companion app makes it easy to keep up with the progress of friends racing in the same social club, with results updates and even livestreamed video available.

"DriveClub" fills a racing game gap left void by the absence of "Gran Turismo," whose sixth numbered installment arrived on PlayStation 3 only in December 2013, after the PS4 had already launched.

On other platforms, the Xbox platform's "Forza Horizon 2" also plans to leverage the joy of social racing and arrives a week prior to "DriveClub," from September 30, while "The Crew" joins the "Forza" spin-off in allowing players to roam free, away from the focus of time trials and competitive challenges.

But one distinct advantage held by "DriveClub" is that a lite edition will be delivered free to all members of the popular PlayStation Plus subscription service, featuring the game's 11 India tracks, 10 cars and all game modes; all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and 50 tour events are available in a $49 package.

"DriveClub" Gamescom trailer: youtu.be/uf6_FI_biVQ
Official website: driveclub.com