How to drink Kentucky bourbon whiskey: A beginners guide and tips for enthusiast

Is there a right way to taste and drink Kentucky bourbon? If you’re a beginner, watch this video for tips and step-by-step instructions to find out the answer.

Here’s a guide of what you’ll need to try it at home:

A flavorful bourbon (doesn’t have to be super expensive but you’ll probably get more out of this is you don’t go bottom shelf.)

A clean short glass (don’t use plastic and make sure it isn’t soapy) plus ice or plain water.

A plate of items to taste with such as unsalted pecans or walnuts, cheese such as shaved Parmesan or another hard variety, dark chocolate, dried fruit such as cherries, cranberries, apricots, bananas or similar. To further experiment with the flavor of the bourbon, You also can add a dab of sorghum, honey or maple syrup. And neutral crackers are nice to help clear your palate between sips.

As you sip and nose, sometimes a drop of water or ice will open up a whiskey and release all those flavors you read about in the tasting notes.