Drew Barrymore makes fun of her past drug-using self for being a part of the ‘Just Say No’ movement

Drew Barrymore has been pretty outspoken about having a drug problem while in her teens. Obviously, that’s a serious subject, but on Norm Macdonald’s new Netflix talk show, "Norm Macdonald Has a Show," those demons seemed far enough in her past for Barrymore to openly joke about it. Early on in the show, Macdonald asked point blank, “Do you miss cocaine?” The actress laughed off the sudden question before decisively adding, “No! It’s been a very long time, but nothing would make me have a panic attack [more] and seem like a bigger nightmare.” Post "E.T." and during the peak of Barrymore’s popularity in the ’80s she ironically worked with first lady Nancy Reagan on her anti-drug “Just Say No” campaign. The actress admitted that, in retrospect, she probably wasn’t the best fit. “I actually worked with Nancy on ‘Just Say No’ and then went ...,” she said while gesturing a nose-diving plane, complete with slide-whistle sound effect. “You picked the wrong spokesman — so sorry, Nancy!” At one point, Barrymore commented on a few drugs she hasn’t done. “I’ve never done heroin, so I don’t know what’s that like,” she said. “I’m an upper person.” And at the prospect of doing hallucinogens, Barrymore gave a no-holds-barred impression of a serious psychedelic trip, screaming at the top of her lungs, “How long is this going to last?!”