Drew Barrymore Goes Off the Rails With Bonkers ‘M3GAN’ Roleplay

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Allison Williams has witnessed the wrath of the real M3GAN—yes, there was a real robot playing the doll in the film—but nothing will ever be as scary as Drew Barrymore’s reenactment of the doll.

On The Drew Barrymore Show today, Williams joined the talk show host to talk about the new hit horror film. Instead of being treated like a guest, Williams endured teasing and trauma, thanks to Barrymore in a M3GAN costume. The actual M3GAN doll may be a homicidal maniac, but at least she’s only two feet tall—and not a human being.

But we do love a good sketch from Barrymore, one of the best nepo babies in Hollywood, and her commitment to the bit was absolutely incredible. Not only did she sport the whole M3GAN get-up—little red ribbon, wig, and all—the host also wore bright blue contacts to look like an AI demon. Brilliance! Only, the contacts backfired, causing irritation in Dr3w’s eyeballs as they slid out of her lids.

“I do feel like my eyeballs are falling apart,” Barrymore said, as she fiddled with the contacts. “But then again, you could just take me to your workshop and fix me. Just after I kill the neighbor's dog.”

<div class="inline-image__caption"><p>We will never unsee this.</p></div> <div class="inline-image__credit">CBS</div>

We will never unsee this.


That’s a bit of a spoiler, but at this point, hasn’t the whole world gone to see M3GAN? It’s the movie of the century. A cyborg doll named M3GAN—which stands for “Model 3 Regenerative Android”—begins killing people left and right as she protects her owner Cady (Violet McGraw). Even Gemma (Williams), her creator and Cady’s guardian, becomes a threat when she forces Cady to eat vegetables. M3GAN sings “Titanium.” It’s a masterpiece.

Which makes Barrymore’s reenactment even better. Williams couldn’t even react to the whole charade unfolding before her, admitting there might be a “lag” in her responses while taking in the chaos. At some point in the segment, Barrymore starts crawling on the floor. She loses her entire contact, buried somewhere in her eyeball. Saturday Night Live, you’ve got some competition.

M3GAN producer Jason Blum has dressed up as the doll on red carpets to promote the film, as have around a dozen human women who performed the signature M3GAN dance all over New York City. Now, watching Barrymore, it’s clear that she’s the next candidate to be hired for the promotional tour. There are only two years before we can start the ad campaign for M3GAN 2.0.

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