Here’s what Dr Fauci’s life looks like now that he’s fully vaccinated against Covid

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Chris Riotta
·2 min read
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Dr Anthony Fauci talks to members of the press (Getty Images)
Dr Anthony Fauci talks to members of the press (Getty Images)

As the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci is now fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

So what does his life look like now?

For starters, not much has changed for the 80-year-old director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease from his time in quarantine before receiving the jab.

In an interview with NBC’s WRC-TV in Washington, Dr Fauci revealed how he was continuing to follow strict safety guidelines — which include wearing a face mask and social distancing — while remaining “very careful”.

“I still do not do dining indoors and I still do takeout,” Dr Fauci said, noting how he wants “to continue to support the restaurants in my neighborhood that I would normally go to”.

While the vaccination can prevent severe and deadly cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, researchers say vaccinated individuals may still be able to pick up and spread trace amounts of the novel virus. Dr Fauci said he and his wife, a nurse bioethicist, continue to limit guests in their home who have not been vaccinated.

“If we have someone in the house that would be a non-occupant of the house, it’s somebody that we know has either been vaccinated or tests themselves very, very frequently,” he said, adding: “So, we’re still very careful.”

Dr Fauci said he enjoys going on long walks with his wife in Washington, visiting “pretty places” like the national mall or the C&O Canal, as it offers him the chance to exercise in his area while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

He has continued to avoid lengthy travels, however, and does not intend to fly anytime soon.

“I’m at the age that is still at a pretty high risk,” he said, noting how he was not flying “for a number of reasons” and adding that travel is “not going to be like a light switch that you turn on and off”.

But Dr Fauci did say he predicted things could be returning to normal by the fall should the country continue to distribute millions of vaccinations.

Until then, Dr Fauci said: “We’re still keeping what happens in my home very restricted to my wife and I.”

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