Dozens killed in Pakistan as heavy rain causes flooding

STORY: Severe rainfall and flooding has killed dozens of people across Pakistan in the past week.

That’s according to the National Disaster Management Authority.

The rains began at the start of April and were forecast by the Pakistan Meteorological Department, or PMD, to affect most parts of the country.

This man in the central city of Chaman, in the country’s southwestern Balochistan province, says flooding swept away cars, killing several women and children.

Apart from those killed, dozens have suffered injuries from lightning strikes and buildings collapsing, local media reported.

Abdul Rasheed Nasir is the medical superintendent of the district hospital in Chaman.

“The wall of a house collapsed, which killed a woman, and injured three persons. The injured were given treatment and sent home. A vehicle was swept away by the water. The driver survived, but three women and two children were killed. One child is still missing. Another dead body of an unidentified child has also been recovered from a stream. It is lying here, in the hospital."

The PMD has forecast that rain and hailstorms could persist in almost all areas of the country until Monday.

Snowfall has also been forecast in the mountainous northern provinces.