How to download and install iOS 8 beta 1 without a developer account

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Apple on Monday unveiled iOS 8, its next major mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company also released the first iOS 8 beta version to iOS users who have developer accounts, or access to developer accounts. However, it looks like anyone with compatible iOS 8 devices – here’s a full list of compatible devices – can now try out iOS 8 beta for themselves, regardless of whether they have access to a developer account or not.

Popular YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has discovered a security flaw in Apple’s update system that will let any compatible iOS device upgrade to iOS 8 beta 1. The channel recorded the installation of iOS 8 beta 1 on an iPod touch without using a developer account and posted it on Monday evening.

The 15-minute long video shows all the steps required to perform the installation of iOS 8 beta 1 on an iOS device with the help of iTunes. The procedure can be performed on a Mac or Windows computer connected to an Apple device, and will get users access to Apple’s latest iOS version.

The missing piece of the puzzle, which isn’t shown in the video below, is getting the appropriate iOS 8 beta 1 build for the device users want to update. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch iOS 8 beta 1 ROMs can easily be found online and downloaded in order for the procedure to work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BGR strongly advises against installing iOS 8 beta 1 on devices that aren’t registered with an Apple developer account. We will also remind iOS users that following this procedure will void your warranty and could cause serious problems on your device. Lastly, iOS 8 is currently a very early beta that is riddled with bugs, and it has a wide range of compatibility issues that will cause many apps to crash.

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