7 Hot Trends in Bathroom Design for 2015

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Remember when kitchens were always hidden away in homes? Remember when laundry rooms were tucked into the basement or the garage? Remember when bathrooms were small and bleak? My, how times have changed!

Now these rooms can add real value to homes. They are places that can reflect the style, charm and whimsy of the owners. That means it is more important than ever to keep these spaces feeling fresh and reflective of the homeowner’s personality. So let’s review what is hot and what is not in bathrooms for 2015.

1. Mediterranean-style tile has seen its day. Make way for geometric 3-D tile design.


(Photo: Style with Tile)

Don’t: These Moroccan style tiles are yesterday’s news.


(Photo: Apartment Therapy)

Do: Now it is all about geometric shapes.


(Photo: Apartment Diet)

Do: Have fun with the colors and the combinations of geometric shapes.

2. Rain showers are so last year. Instead, invest in a soaking tub. The bigger and deeper, the better. You want to invest in a big, bold tub that is freestanding and lush.


(Photo: Better Homes and Garden)

Don’t: Rain showers are done.


(Photo: The Style Files )

Do: Organic ovals are all the rage.

3. Precious and pretty are not happening in bathroom design now. Instead, sustainable style and natural elements are taking their place.


(Photo: French Country Cottage)

Don’t: Although very pretty, it’s just not very modern.


(Photo: Decoholic)

Do: Bathrooms that incorporate natural elements are so right now.


(Photo: HGTV)

Do: Varying types of wood and stone bring the natural light into the bathroom.

4. Cold, silent, private baths are not happening. Instead, we’re seeing more and more bathrooms designed with media and music built into the layout.


(Photo: HGTV)

Do: TV right at your feet.


(Photo: Shelterness)

Do: TV right in your face.

5. Light it up. You will never see just one overhead light in a bath designed today. Now you will find several lighting sources. The lighting is no longer just a utilitarian feature but a mood-setting design choice.


(Photo: The Kim Six Fix )

Don’t: Have just have overhead lighting source.


(Photo: Elements of Style)

Do: Spread the light around. Have several different lighting sources. Put them high, low and in-between.

6. Stark, white, crisp bathrooms are cold and outdated. These days people are using more moody color grades to paint and add character to their baths.


(Photo: Redfin)

Don’t: White White is OUT OUT.


Do: Use subtle grey. (Photo: Erin Gates/Elements of Style)

7. Heat lamps are almost extinct. Instead, people are installing heated floors and towel racks, as well as fire features in their master baths.


(Photo: Accent on Design)

Do: Put in heated towel racks.


Don’t: Turn on the old heat lamp.

So what do you say? Are these trends a welcome way to update the bathroom? Or are you happy with what you’ve got now?

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